It is the 2020ICICE Preparation Committee of the KIICE.

The results of the selection of the 2020 ICFICE Excellent Thesis will be announced as follows:
Based on the selection process for excellent thesis,
the following conference excellent thesis was finally selected as follows:

Congratulations on being selected as an excellent paper.

Award Session PaperTitle Author Organ.
Best IT-2 Handicapped Parking Area Violation Prevention System with Internet of Things Rifqi Fikri and Mintae Hwang Chnagwon National University
Excellent IB-3 An Distributed Method for Calculating Entropy of Large-scale Sequential Data Zhen Zhang, Hongqiang Li,
and Rize Jin
Tiangong University
Excellent NS-1 Block Design based Energy Efficient Scheduling Techniques for Wireless Sensor Jong-Hoon Youn, Woosik Lee,
and Teuk-Seob Song
University of Nebraska,
Research Center,Korea Social Security Information Service, Mokwon University
Excellent PS-IT-3 Design of New Sports Operation System’s Database using Appropriate Technology Semin Kim, Aaron D. Snowberger,
and Choong Ho Lee
Jeonju National Unviersity of Education,
Jeonju University, Hanbat National University
Excellent PS-MD-5 Image Scene Classification of Multiclass Abdur Razzaq Fayjie, Guangxing
Wang, Kwang-Seong Shin, and Seong-Yoon Shin
Dibrugarh University, Jiujiang University,
Wonkwang University, Kunsan National University
Excellent PS-IT-9 A Study on the Development of Deep Learning Joint Tracking-based Activity Content
for Improving Recovery of Surgical Patients
Donggyu Choi and
Jong wook Jang
Dong-Eui University