Best Paper
Session PaperTitle Author Organ.
BI-1 Design of an Orthogonality Sampling Method in Microwave Imaging for a Fast Identification of a Small Anomaly  Seongje Chae, Young-Deuk Joh,
and Won-Kwang Park
Kookmin University,
Gyeongin National University of Education
Excellent Paeprs
Session PaperTitle Author Organ.
CA-2 Designing of Mobile Interface for Thesis Management System by Enterprise Portal Asep Somantri and Rita Rijayanti Pasundan University,
Changwon National University
DA-1 Diffusion Factors of Business Intelligence Systems in Corporates Yaeri Kim and Jongtae Lee Seoul Women’s University
IS-3 Design of Optimal Dwelling Time Scheduling for Package Tour by Machine Learning-based Prediction Model Aria Bisma Wahyutama, Byung Wook Kim, and Mintae Hwang Changwon National University
IT-3 Trends in Mobile Ransomware and Incident Response from the Perspective of Digital Forensics Min-Hyuck Ko, Pyo-Gil Hong, and Dohyun Kim Catholic University of Pusan
MD-2 Binary Gender Perspective on IVML Prototype Using Kansei Engineering Approach Nur Faraha Bte Hj. Mohd. Naim University Malaysia Sabah
IS-1 Analysis of Pet Activity Using Sensor Data with a Machine Learning Algorithm Ali Hussain, Sikandar Ali, Abdullah,
Athar Ali, M.Mohsin, and Hee-Cheol Kim
Inje University
MD-8 Object Detection and Localization on Map using Multi-Camera and Lidar PointCloud Pansipansi Leonardo John,
Hyung Gyun Kim, Minseok Jang, and Yonsik Lee
Kunsan National University