Welcome Message

Dear respected scholars and professionals,
On behalf of the conference committees, it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to ICFICE2022, the 14th International Conference on Future Information & Communication Engineering that is being held in Jeju Island, on 12th-14th January, 2022.
As new and diverse technologies continue to appear after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now an era in which everyone should study technology.

As the spread of vaccines and the development of therapeutics become visible, it is time to think about life after the pandemic. Humanity, who has been living in a pandemic for about two years, is no longer the same as before. Our ICT researchers and companies are paying attention to the desires of people who are accustomed to a world that crosses online and offline, virtual and reality, and are preparing more diverse and interesting technologies and services than ever before.

Information and communication researchers should select six industries (metaverse, streaming, ESG, AI, network, finance) where pent-ups are concentrated and predict and prepare for changes in IT technology trends and the future.

As the general chair of ICFICE2022, I am pleased to announce that notable papers have been published here and several have been published in relevant SCOPUS indexed journals, including JICCE, to share their work with researchers around the world. We would like to thank the Program Committee and Organizing Committee members, keynote speakers, judges and authors who contributed to the success of this conference. I hope this conference will be a meaningful and happy time for you.

Dr. Seong-Yoo Shin
General Chair of ICFICE2022